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Below are the most frequently asked question about Vectorworks.

With the help of resource manager, resources may be imported, created, organised and shared inside and across Vectorworks files.

1. After a file has been imported.

2. Before archiving a file.

3. After one has finished organizing a file’s resources into Favourites.

Ctrl (Windows) and Alt/Option (Mac)

Gradients can  be applied to an object using the Attributes palette or using Resource Manager or using Class control of graphic attributes.

Modify > Create Symbol

1. Press the M key on your keyboard.

2. On the View bar, click on the Multiple View Panes button.

3. Navigate to the View > Multiple View Panes menu and choose Enable Multiple View Panes.

Ctrl + hold down the middle mouse button.

Creates a new solid form ,depending on where two or more solids overlap.

Hollowing out a solid on all sides uniformly, leaving an open face on the selected side.

1. When you create a new Viewport

2. Select Sheet Layer View Bar from the Drop Down Menu.

3. Using the Organisation palette    

4. Using the Object Info palette with a selected object

1. Change the Viewport Name at the bottom of the Object Information Palette.

2. Rename the Drawing Title in the Object Information Palette.

3. Modify the visibility settings for the Class and Layer in the Object Information palette.

1. From the Dims/Notes toolset.

2. When building a Viewport, select Create Drawing Label.


2. Excel

3. Image formats

The ‘T’ key.

The ‘Tab’ key.

Back Quote (`) or Tilde (~) key.

The ‘G’ key.

If you double click on a rectangle in the document, while using Fillet Tool this will fill all the corner points together.

Using the Object Information Palette > Advanced Properties

Increase the DPI of the Sheet Layer.

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